Warby Wonder

This is totally late, but….

Before our family trip to New Orleans, I had the beautiful realization that there was a real-life, actual, in-person Warby Parker store. I am a huge fan of Warby frames, and I love the  at home try-on element that lets my test frames out without traveling hours upon hours to a store front, but only being able to pick 5 at a time is hard. The lovely thing about Warbys are they are uber affordable and for every pair bought, they send a pair to those in need!


My new pair: Percey in Scarlet Turquoise 




Pair: Laurel in Tea Rose Fade [also Peacock Green are SUPER great]


Pair: Gellhorn in Blue Heron


Lil’ bro getting into it!


Thanks for checking this out!

Liney-ar Journey IMG_2951-0


Fashion, Overall

Overalls: way comfy, reminiscent of my childhood




The snow has got me smilin’ and I continued my small-child vibe of the overalls with pig tails. In an effort to balance it out [although I would rather color than do homework], I added a wool scarf and beanie. I appreciate mixed prints, and so that’s what I’ve got going on between my striped tee and scarf. The red earrings tie into the splashes of red on the scarf and my watch band. My favorite part of this ensemble though is the comfort to cute ratio; it’s pretty high in both = )

Overalls: Loft from TJ Maxx // Hat: Thrifted // Scarf: Vintage // 3/4 Tee: Thrifted

Photos by the everlovely Theodora- Thanks a million!

I hope you’re as pleased with your current weather as I am! Thanks for reading!


 Here’s why overall make me think of Veggie Tales & princess dresses [Angele & I twinned before it was cool 😉 ]:


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