The Real Source of a Smile

If you asked me to tell you something I enjoy doing, I would tell you I love loving people. I love making them smile and being able to surprise them and adding joy to their day. I want to be able to turn a bad day into a fab one and sprinkle enthusiasm into their life.

It has shamefully taken me until today to realize I can’t. All along I’ve been thinking that my acts of service and “trademark pep” have been helping people out. All along I’ve been thinking that that’s how I can serve God. I haven’t realized that I’ve been viewing myself as the key role in this task of cheering others, and I’m 100% not. Whenever I have a bad week I think I’m letting people down because I’m unable to help as much or share as much joy. Truth is, I can provide nothing to my friends that they need. Absolutely nothing.

If people are smiling or more cheerful when they leave my presence, it’s because the Lord shone through, not because of my personality, caring conversation, witty commentary, or whatever I flatter myself with thinking I used to help. If they leave smiling, it’s because the Lord was gracious enough to include me in on His plan to brighten their day. It’s His grace and love that will make someone’s day better; never ever will it be me.

So dearest all, please forgive my vanity and pride. I pray the Lord uses me in the future to deliver His love to you in tangible ways, but I hope we both can remember the source of all joy, love, and perfect things is our Father above.


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