Today in Prayer

I thought perhaps I would share my prayerful reflections of this week with y’all in the hope that they might impact you, wherever you are at. My dear friends, I love you very much.



Bless us as we face what feels like defeat; may we find solace in knowing no joy surpasses that of Your will. May we in time come to see how in this moment Your loving, guiding hand is steering us closer to You. May we all rejoice, not just accept but truly rejoice in Your will for us, no matter if it comes packages as we imagined.


I praise you for all of the apparent blessings You’ve placed in our lives. Every good and perfect gift comes from You [James 1:7]. Thank You for the times You lift us on top of the mountains. May we relish in those obvious, but breathtaking views of Your glory and Your love for us. In these times may we always remember, as in all times, the sacrifice Jesus made in order for us to have this tremendous joy. And show us how to be sensitive to those in valleys even as we live unabashed in Your pure joy.


As we give encouragement, solace, and advice to friends, may it all come from a heart synced with Yours. May all we say be drenched in love and reflect who You are and who You are to us. Help us to not injure anyone, intentionally or unintentionally, but to bless all we brush lives with (intentionally and unintentionally). May all we say be a crystal-clear road map guiding others into Your loving arms.


May we search for Your love, Your wisdom, and Your guidance first in all circumstances. Let our initial instinct, our first thoughts, and our safe place all rest on Your capable shoulders. Help us seek out Your face when we wake, as we walk through our days, and even as we brush our teeth. May we lie down at night, our day so full of time spent with You, that Your’s is the only face we see in our dreams.


Thank You. I love You.



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