Glory to Whom?

Today I was introduced to a magnificent creation, the Library of Congress. Let me tell you, my friends, I now believe in love at first sight. It is beyond stunning, beyond spectacular: it’s perfectly blithe and delicately charming. Today I found myself awestruck and dumfounded at the talents of man.


In the presence of such beauty, one often desires to know who created the splendor, but today I had to remind myself it is crucial to give the glory and praise to the One who gave those gifts to the human artists. All our art is at it’s foundation inspired by the art of the first and only original artist, Jesus. Man can create many splendid things, but it is always crucial remember every good and perfect thing comes from above, and man would be nothing without the gifts bestowed to us from Him.


So give praise with the beauty in both the natural and man-made world, just know man-made is code for “tried to copy God.”

Thanks for reading! Please do share your thoughts in the comments!




[Song Pairing: All Glory Be to Christ by Christina Falub]



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