Dappling in Dreams

When you commit to someone for life, when you marry them, you are picking your lifetime ministry partner. You are either committing to their dreams, the dreams you’ve built together, or the dreams you know the Lord will call you both to in His perfect timing. This is an incredible opportunity, it truly is. At the same time, I am realizing that now while I’m single, I also have any incredible opportunity. This stage of my life gives me the freedom to build and chip into the dreams and goals and missions of so many different people.

I do not believe  that when you are married you can’t build up other people within their callings, but with the marriage vow you take before the Lord, you are committing your ministry to the Him as a couple as your top priority.  Right now though, being under obligation to the Lord only, I get to dabble in everyone’s dream. How incredible a chance is that?!

Here at college, I’ve met umpteen individuals with sparks in their eyes for a myriad of causes. Right now, at this time, place, and in the circumstances of my life, I have been blessed with the time to support the missions these dear visionaries have. For every mission that strikes a chord with me, that moves my heart,  I get to delegate my time and resources to contribute however I want!  In my singleness, my time solely belongs to the Lord’s. The only constriction on my resources is making sure they are being used to fulfill His will. For those who are married, it is the Lord’s will is then for you to honor your spouses, and that means they your first priority when it comes to claims on your love, your support, & your time. Of course you are to spread these three items to all, but it is your duty to make sure your spouse’s cup is tended to first. I think this is a beautiful notion, and the holy way God has designed marriage to work, but until the day I am called into that stage of life, I never want my love, my support, and my time to be wasted in wait.

“I want to lend myself as a truss to help raise up dreams.”

I want to exercise these gifts by using them to help other people in my life as they pursue Christ’s will in their lives. I want to dedicate hours to praying with them about the things they are passionate about. I want to offer my help as they endeavor to execute projects in the Lord’s name. I want to help my friends research their callings, locate where the need for their God-given gifts are the greatest, or simply help them identify those gifts. I want to lend myself as a truss to help raise dreams. I want to pour myself into their lives, their passions, and I want to do my absolute best to help them see the dreams Our Father has placed on their hearts come to maturity.

This is my prayer: Lord, for as long as I am not called specifically to one  ministry, may I contribute in one meaningful way or another to all of the personal ministries that surround me. May I incessantly seize opportunities to encourage Your people and offer a serving hand wherever one could be used. Amen.

Thanks for reading these musings. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Liney-ar Journey IMG_2951-0


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