*Insert Friend Group Name*

I have met some people of substantial quality lately and it has me reflecting on true friends. The ones who intensely debate which is the best Austen novel and who ruined the Les Mis movie more- or if it was even ruined at all. People who really value you, your opinions, and your stories, not just people who hang out with you because they’re dating your friends or have nothing else to do.

Here’re some minimal fun facts about some of them: Alisa is a hall-mate and models for my photos. Grace is incredibly sweet and would teach a logic class if she got the chance. Noah sells antiques during the summer and reads news articles non-stop. Graham is involved in 9 different clubs including serving in the freshman worship team. Maverick might join us as an Entrepreneur major and listens to Michael Buble with me. Elise is a sweetheart and a fanatic about swing dancing. Harrison plays piano beautifully and likes, “pretending to be way more homeschooler than [he] actually [is].”  Jayna is studying English and led an acapella group for the Freshman Talent Show. Cassie and I actually had chatted over this summer- she’s quite splendid- and is on debate with some of the others. Jacob listens to Hamilton, watches SNL, and read Where the Wild Things Are to us all while we were at the local ice cream shop. And they’re all highly intelligent and most importantly passionate about Jesus.

Here’s the one terrible-quality selfie we have of some of us. I shockingly don’t have any other group photos [which I’ll have to remedy].
By the hand of the Lord, no doubt, we all ended up in a movie night together and instead of paying attention to a Knight’s Tale, we all basically chatted the night away. Enveloped in cushion and blankets with leftover Halloween candy and bags of popcorn we laughed SO hard.

All that to say: I found them. Friends of a Class A variety. It might take awhile to find people you really, really click with- but don’t settle, and always seek out new friendships. There are always other relationships to be made, and there’s always the chance they could be cut of an excellent, vibrant cloth.

I also want to say a massive thank you to these new friends. You’re the even better than the kind I prayed for.

God is good, my darling friends, and you are too kind to be reading this.

Liney-ar Journey IMG_2951-0


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