The Comforts of Clothes

Being in this strange faraway land called Pennsylvania, I’ve found an odd amount of comfort through the things I wear.

fullsizeoutput_6f86There is a story behind almost every piece of clothing and jewelry I own. The opal earrings my mom gave me that her parents gave to her after a trip someone sent them on to New Zealand. My oversized pink sweater that belonged to, of all people, my father before me. Or another sweater of Italian wool that my grandpa used to preach in. I have a red velvet coat that I only own because my darling friends convinced me to buy it for prom on a day we all went antiquing. The 80s hammer pants my little brother and I share. The studs my older brother bought me on his trip to Idaho. There are memories of people entwined in each article of clothing that attract me to it just as much as the pattern or cut of it does.   The anecdotes in these fabrics make me closer to the people I love and miss dearly, and wearing these garments is like an embrace from those most dear.

Thusly, I’m quite thankful for the comforts of this clothing.


Thanks for dedicating a few moments to my ramblings 🙂Liney-ar Journey IMG_2951-0

Song Pairing: To Know You (Jesus Messiah) by Zachary Kale

Reason: It’s a really swell tune. That’s all. It doesn’t really pertain to clothes…


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