GCC Prep & Goals

It’s finally hitting me that I have a privilege to be attending my top choice of schools. My dreams are coming actually true. In less than  a week I will be joining the ranks of The Wolverine Marching Band and beginning my legacy as a Grover. I’m more elated than I can say! Saying goodbye is hard, but at least with my friends, they all have especially exciting journeys they’re embarking on too and so I’m overjoyed for them to started. In my excitement, I want to set some all encompassing goals for my freshmen year at Grove City College and some for just my first month.

First Month Goals:

1.Keep a planner. I try this every year, and it’s never stuck, but I will no longer have my mom’s calendar with all my engagements on it in the event my mental recollection fails. I’m an adult and I should probably start writing stuff down like one.

2. Go to bed at a reasonable hour [more often than not]. I am very much a night owl, but I need to start exercising self-control and making wise decisions for my body & mind. Those decisions probably should include more than a consistent five hours of sleep…

3. Lay off the coffee. This year I experienced some weird stomach stuff that ended up all being rooted in the delicious & caffeinated goodness that is coffee. It turns out that for me being a non-breakfast eater and avid coffee drinker doesn’t have desirable effects, however I’m still often tempted to ignore the pain and drink it anyway. I know I’ll probably be very exhausted a lot in college, but I want to deal with that through alternate ways than coffee. This could be especially hard since most everyone around me will most likely be drinking it by the pot.

On a side note, I’m going to miss these mountains like crazy.

Long-term College Goals:

1.Keep the Sabbath. For one day a week, Sundays, no homework, no studying, no prepping, no memorizing marching band music: only resting & focusing on You. This is one of the ten commandments, it isn’t an optional suggestion, but it has been hard breaking an eighteen year habit of working even on this sacred day.

2. Love everyone. This should always be a goal, but in high school I’ve been convicted that there were definitely one or two people who thoroughly annoyed me or who’s decision making made it hard for me to look on them with love. Adding to that, I didn’t try very hard. I enjoy wit but I fell into sin by using mine to bash these people. All of them have extenuating circumstances which are part of the problem, the other part being they don’t have Jesus. And I, who could have loved on them and maybe led them to Him, mocked them instead. I’ve repented of this, but I really want to focus this year on loving fully, unselfishly, and non-judgmentally. In the same way reporters always can find an interesting angle on a story, I want to always be searching for an angle of love for those with whom I find my self harboring ill thoughts against. My hope is if I focus on this and the fact that Jesus still loves me despite my baggage just as He loves these people, maybe eventually love will come naturally from me towards all people, not just “most”. I certainly can’t accomplish this goal (or anything) alone. The steps to achieve this goal are going to be massive amounts of prayer, maintaining Bible reading, remembering the vast love Christ had when He died for me,  & trying to view these other people as He sees them. Viewing them as special, unique, and made in His image.

3. Maintain a 4.0 GPA, but not at the expense of experience college, trying new things and clubs, and being able to deeply live life with people. The second part of that goal is crucial because I tend to overly stress and become anxious and panicky at the thought of school if I mess up my priorities and put to much academic pressure on myself. I always want to do my best and it is primarily for scholarship purposes that I am hoping I can maintain a 4.0 while preserving my mental health. If not, it is what it is! I’ll have tried my best and that’s what the Lord asks of us.

Do any of you have new goals? Please go on and comment them below; I love seeing other peoples strategies for betterment!

Thank you for reading!

Liney-ar Journey IMG_2951-0


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