For When History Does NOT Repeat Itself

Of course you can learn from the past and history does tend to repeat itself [how unoriginal!], but that doesn’t mean that it always does or that we should let fear of that happening settle in our hearts. You want a specific, more relatable example? Okay. Let’s do this thing.

[Yes, I am going to talk about tacky-teen subjects like relationships, but they are a part of life… so here we go: let’s get real!]

Once upon a time, I had a darling friend who entered into an unhealthy high school relationship and was never without her boyfriend. Passing periods, lunch with the girls- you name it. This was an issue in two ways: first, that much dependence is not healthy; your happiness should be way more dependent on your relationship with Christ than your relationship with anyone else. People should enhance your life, not take it over. Second, any conversation I wanted to have face to face with my dear friend now had a third participant, one who I didn’t really trust with my thoughts and feelings. This significantly distanced us and although we are still friends, we are about 5% as close as we used to be, which is really, really unfortunate. Granted, the Lord used this to bring new friends into my life who love me and value me as much as I do them, but a broken friendship is sad no matter what the situation.

Once upon a now, another darling friend is on the brink of dating and I had a flat out panic attack. This friend means more than I can communicate via words [hugs might work but the internet isn’t that cool yet] and the Devil used that opportunity to strike fear into my heart at the thought of losing someone with whom I’ve grown even closer to. Dating can be great, relationships can be great, and I am very much for my friends’ happiness, but that attack threw me an immense emotional curve-ball. Thankfully, prayer, more prayer, and Jesus reminded me Darling Friend 1 and Darling Friend 2 are very different people. He also brought to light that DF2 & I’s friendship in its very core is a God Thing, and His will will be done. If I hadn’t run to Jesus, and settled my Heart Issue, I would have distanced myself from the blessing of Darling Friend 2’s friendship. It’s termination would have been my fault and because of fear and irrationally applying someone else circumstances to this new situation. Instead, DF2 and I talked about it openly and honestly and this attack knit us closer together by the grace of God ❤


God, unlike history, is completely original- that’s how-come you’re so original. Don’t bank on things going the same way all the time- give the Lord some space to build something all-new.

Thank you for reading!Liney-ar Journey IMG_2951-0

Song Pairing: Friend Like That – Hawk Nelson [Spotify // YouTube]

I hope you all have friends as good as mine.


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