Road Trip 2.0 [A Journal]

I’m sitting in the car as I write this headed back with the family from a week in New Orleans. It’s hit me how grownup we’ve all become, [comparatively speaking that is- I still feel ill-qualified, juvenile, and ignorant in many fields but that’s besides toady’s point]. My older brother orders drinks at restaurants and we casually discuss marriage with our parents. Buying glasses today at Warby Parker made me conscious of the fact that I now look at everything through the lens of my up-&-coming departure for college and Pennsylvania [4.5 months now- Eep!]. Last spring break none of those things where happening.

Liney-ar Journey // Road Trip 2.0 // Journal

During my seventeen hours in the car, I simply slept, drove, & sat thinking and enjoying the view. I didn’t even read more than a little bit, certainly not the hours I had planned for. My life has started going so fast I think I was just enjoying the time to have deeper conversations with my parents, and even those are different now. This trip those talks were about saving and budgeting and when they bought their first house. We discussed how they both worked yet made due with one car, got debt free in a year, and the pros and cons of renting vs. buying. Yet, even that gave me far more understanding into my parents than other topics. I really know far less about my parents than I think I would initially assume. I know far less about everyone than I should. I’m a selfish creature who’s just starting to realize how self-centered my life and thoughts are. Maybe growing up means you’re more aware of your flaws. My older brother keeps telling us younger ones to be self aware this week as we’ve tripped or knocked somethings over. I’m far more repelled by my lack of mental self-awareness though than I am by my physical self-awareness. My parents, when asked, said that my biggest flaws is I’m very stubborn, I would say it’s my pride and my need for control, and my younger brother has pointed out many a’time this week that I steal his food without asking. Getting real here, its all of these + every other possible flaw to one degree or another. In one of the Breakaway Podcasts, Ben Stuart talks about how his youth pastor would give as a gift to all his graduating kids the opportunity  to hear his honest opinion of them if they wanted to. That’s a really interesting concept to me, and I do believe I would take the man up on his offer. I don’t think we should ever fear good quality, constructive criticism when it’s most important learning opportunity we have. It’s a checklist of what you can do to become an even better person; it’s tailor-made advice for your very own being. That’s really kinda neat!

One thing that is still the same on car trips is my the frequent pee stops… but in light of everything else, it’s good to know some things never change.

Thank a trillion for your time!

Liney-ar Journey IMG_2951-0

Song Pairing: Moving Forward by Colony House [Spotify // YouTube]

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