10 De-Stressers & Enjoyable Things

I talked a bit slowing down in my last post,  and lately I’ve been finding/ rediscovering things that I love to do to unwind & remind myself to smile. I wish I could claim a wholly unselfish motive in writing this, but I’m pretty forgetful and i will most likely use this list far more than y’all combined, however I do hope it’s helpful & you find it to be lovely & I’m perhaps wrong in addition to forgetful- either way, let’s begin!


10 De-stressers & Enjoyable Things:

  1. Reading: My past bookishness has been rekindled in both classic hardcover edition & audiobook form! Almost every classic novel’s audiobook is available for free via Podcasts! I am currently making my way through Louisa May Alcott’s Little Men and it is delightful!
  2. Photoshop: I’ve been messing around with combining photos and some of the cookie cutter tools (like the featured photo!).
  3. One-on-one Bible study: My lovely friend Thea & I are making our way through Sara Hagerty’s Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet [book///blog] which chronicles Sarah’s faith story of her life so far. It’s a beautiful book, but the time I get spend with Thea discussing Sarah’s journey & God’s promises is even more lovely. Our friendship has grown ever thicker and it’s lovely to have a set time [Tuesdays @ 4pm] to get together every-other week instead of schedule swapping ’til we find a time.
  4. Blogging: I’m really not sure if you know this, but I have a blog!!
  5. Goal Setting: I did this last month, but not this month, and I regret that. I felt MUCH more productive while striving for those goals and working towards bettering my relationship with Christ & improving myself. I was really happy with the results last month, and so I’ve decided to get ahead of the game and start planning my goals for April [and maybe the end of March too!] so I’m ready at the fist of the month to get crackin’.
  6. Art-Making: For me, photography is a way of appreciating the beauty in God’s creation; it’s a form of worship. I’m not very capable in other art forms, but maybe for you painting nature or faces is a parallel activity. Or, perhaps writing out verses of adoration in a stunning font is your thing! What ever medium you prefer, might I suggest taking some time to use the gifts you have been given to worship the One who gave them to you?
  7. Daydreaming: I’ve already professed my thoughts on this topic, and this tends to happen anyway for me, but it’s actually quite relaxing to schedule time for especially for it. 
  8. Lying Down and Listening to Music: This task obviously had to make the list. “I Am They” is my current go-to/chill band right now, but there are many-a good acoustic cover of pop tunes & chill artists to pick from! And yes, lying down is a very important part of this process because it’s far more enjoyable and might lead to a blissful dayslumber sess.
  9. Burn Candles & Eat Chocolate: no explanation needed [I hope] because these should be in your short list of activities always.
  10. Play Dress-up: Yes, I am a young adult. Yes, I did just say dress-up [Yes, I totally have dibs on Jane from Tarzan, but you can be Snow White!] You are never to old to play dress-up. Never. And it is way fun to try-on & arrange new arrange fancy ensembles. You might find a forgotten gem or two in the depth of your closet and in your non-panicky state [because you don’t have only ten minutes ’til class starts] the creative juices can flow! Go through you favorite outfit pins on Pinterest first, for a little inspiration, but then go on & mix & match & take risks because that’s fun and you have nowhere to be! This one is practical too because now you know what to wear for the next week! Try it. Do it. Crank up the tunes, put on those cutesy heels and go find a dress and maybe a belt that matches! Oh, and I bet that teal necklace would go perfect with it! Maybe a leather jacket??

Go on & have some personal time and maybe take a deep breath or three! Thank you very much for taking the time to make my words part of your beautiful today ❤

Liney-ar Journey IMG_2951-0

Music Pairing: My Tea & Homework aka Softer Music Spotify Playlist


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