February Goals Finale


I started out this month aspiring to:

  1. Post on the Blog Twice per Week
  2. Read my Bible EVERY Day
  3. Eliminate my Hitting of the Snooze Button

and for the most part, I was successful! There was one week my second post wasn’t  polished in time and went up late, and there were two day were my morning routine got whacked out and I didn’t get my Bible reading done. Other than those slips, I’m quite proud of how I did.

What I Learned:

Post On the Blog 2x per Week: I like blogging on Sundays, but I should do my first post earlier in the week and procrastinate a little less, although I do realized I might not know what I want to share until the weekend. Writing helps clear my head, and so I love that part about it, and I love being able to share my thoughts with you, because I hope sharing my experiences can offer you clarity or insights that benefit you.

Reading my Bible Everyday: I am able to focus so much more if I’m moving, and so my new favorite way to wake up is by turning on the audio of my Bible passages while I putz around tidying up my space. I feel twice as productive, I don’t fall back asleep, and I love being able to anchor myself in the Word I heard in the morn throughout the day. I learned I really don’t like missing this time with God & my days seem much more scattered and frantic without it. Not positive things.

Eliminating Snoozing: This was helped by an appreciation for my new morning routine. It was also hard because I go to bed late & I’m very sleep smitten. Overall, I know that there are many benefits to just getting up & going. I also know that it’s much easier if my alarm song is one that makes me want to dance; might I suggest Taylor Swift or Hawk Nelson?


I think I’ll wait until April to set strict new goals, but I do aspire to keep up the ones from February, and I expect it to be easier now that I know the rewards they hold!

Liney-ar Journey IMG_2951-0

Wake Up Song Suggestion [besides T Swizz & Hawk Nelson]:

You Will Never Run by Rend Collective [ Spotify // YouTube]



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