Valentine’s Day

I LOVE Valentine’s Day. I always have, and presumably I always will, and no, it isn’t because I’ve ever had a charming boy show up on my door step with a hand-carved Welsh love spoon bouquet. I say pish posh to the idea of Valentine’s Day being only celebrated by those with a “significant other.” FYI, this post is tandom “here’s what I did this year” and “if you’re a little bummed at singleness do this.”

One piece of advice:chocolateIMG_3235 (1) copy

“Here’s what I did this year”: Valentine’s in my house has always been a family day, complete with a large breakfast and the lovely parentals bestowing us three kids with gifts. It’s always been a relaxed day just basking in the lovely feeling of love, and maybe a fire. This year we went to church and most of us worked in children’s ministry [which included my dad rapping bible stories to toddlers] and that was a blast as always. I love holidays and kids each very much individually, but my heart melts on the spot when you combine the two. I received a valentine candy from one of the littles and I was pretty much gone at that point.  My parents got us all framed family photos and different books. That evening we watched Heaven is for Real, which I would highly recommend. It was a nice, relaxing day focused on, the point of V-Day, love!

“If you’re a little bummed out at singleness do this”: Romance is not the only type of love that should be celebrated, but if you were feeling slightly lonely on this day, or ever, here’s what I would recommend:

  1. Do breakfast in bed with yourself, your journal, and your Bible. Pamper yourself with pancakes- chocolate chip of course- and spend time with the one who should always, yes, even when you find “the one”, ALWAYS be King of your heart.
  2. The Bible says that the church is the bride and Christ is the bridegroom, and oh wait, aren’t you the church? Okay. In your loneliness turn to God and ask to see Him as the ultimate husband. Make a list of things that Godly married couples do in your journal using relationships you’ve experienced and your Bible. Some examples are things like: compliment each other, give gifts, wake up to each other, make decisions as a team. You get the idea.
  3. You aren’t done with that list once it’s completed. Keep that list forefront in your mind as you go through your day, and recognize the things you can do to make those things on the list happen for your relationship with God. Compliment Him through worship, wake up to Him by opening His word first thing in the morning, consult His guidance through every step and decision. Also, recognize when He reciprocates in love, maybe through the gift a canceled deadline, or a piece of wisdom coming to you just when You need it. Relationships should be two-sided, so don’t make Him do all the work. Each time something on the list happens, date and detail it, so you can see God’s goodness, know His love for you, and be assured it’s never His wish for His Children to be lonely.

This process of searching for Christ’s way of filling your needs works for lots of struggles. It applies to God as a friend, God as a father, and basically anywhere you think God is neglecting you, I would encourage you to make a similar list and seek him through it. If you need help remembering to be on the lookout for these occasions, try switching the arm your watch is only, or consistently wearing a certain piece of jewelry, or making a photo of the list your phone screensaver.


Song Pairing: King of Love – I Am They (Spotify /// YouTube)

The lyrics describe our perfectly perfect God, and are also full of attributes a Godly husband should have.


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