God in My Week [Weak]

During this past school week, I wrote down one way in which I prominently witnessed Christ in my life during that particular day. Here are my revelations & appreciations:


Tuesday: I hate change. 98% of the time. Yes, I know it’s “healthy” and “great for oneself” and all that nice stuff, but Monsieur Change & I still don’t seem to get along very well at all. How does this apply to a way I saw God’s love for me today? I’ll tell ya.

Lately, as in the past few days, I’ve been realizing that I’m probably too dependent on coffee, and that switching from one cup’o’day to two, wasn’t a good plan. Basically I had been thinking about weening off or limiting my amount; even just this morning the thought crossed my mind. That made my doctor telling me to cut coffee out of my diet, in a attempt to solve some mysterious & chronic upset stomach, WAY easier. Normally, I would disregard this immediately because, well, coffee is my lovely replacement for sleep and food, things I don’t always schedule time. Like how I’m writing this at eleven at night before I read and wake up way early for jazz. anyway, having God lay this trivial thing on my heart the past few days will make the up & coming tasks of suspending my caffeine intake easier. So thank You, God! You’re the coolest!

Wednesday: There have been a lot of seemingly open doors in my life for really, really neat opportunities, but then they’ve been closed when I reached them, or I’ve  come to the conclusion they need to be shut. I know God closes doors in addition t opening them, and I’m grateful for closed doors keeping me from going down the wrong path; I know God has other things planned for my time. Today though, another door opened! I was sitting in youth group when God took over and I asked one of our leaders if I can help chaperon for kids camp. She was incredibly excited, as was I, at that idea. They currently need volunteers, I adore all those youngsters, and I do happen to be available! She is going to check with our pastor to make sure it’s alright, but I’m very excited at the prospect of accompanying all those kids as they get immersed completely in Jesus for a week! There is the possibility that this isn’t the door for, and I’m okay with that! Today was about realizing there are so many doors, and God will help me get to the right one in His timing. [ I do have that Holy Spirit- gut feeling that this might be my stop = ) ]

Thursday: Mmm. Today’s was fun. But first the backstory:

I do a lot of photography, and so for my birthday last fall my parents purchased me two addition rechargeable batteries for time like when I’m backing packing and I cannot charge my camera. Some place & some time ago, the original battery fell out of my bag and none of the replacements were working, and it was a whole fiasco.  I eventually got a battery that worked… a month or two later. Business in between that was interesting- God always provided clients with their own [and superior!]  devices  though! Then I had to send my camera in to be fixed two days before warranty was up- another HUGE God-thing] and last night was the first time I charged since then.

When I unplugged it this morn, the screen read that beautiful 100%. When I turned it on two hours later it was at a peculiar 34%, but then in the blink of an eye it switched. To 11%. There is another issue with that was making me ponder replacing it. This afternoon I realized that I’d had a lot of greedy thoughts throughout the day about different things I was wanting; the camera being just one of those. As I was descending the stairs to see my brother, I came to the realization I need none of those things & it was just the enemy talking, and I carried on down to see Collin.

“Liney! I have some things you might be interested in!”

Oh yeah. In addition to a new CD, my darling elder broski was holding the original battery, which he had found in the cup holder of our car.

“It certainly wasn’t there last night, but it was this morning!” Thank You, God!!

Friday:  So it turns out after receiving the original battery, my camera won’t turn on at all with any of the batteries. However, there is still a massive, luminous, Godly, bright side to this event. Now, it is obvious to me that I am supposed to buy a new camera vs. if I had bought one in my previous mood, it would have been out of Satan-invoked greed. God has taken what the enemy was trying to use against me, and redeemed my heart towards the topic. I can now purchase the camera with a heart full of grace for God fulfilling my needs instead a heart full of guilt from submitting to greed. Thank you, Lord for redeeming my outlook and shifting my focus back home to You!


It was very good for me to focus on searching for the Lord throughout my day to know what I was going to write about in the evening. Doing this helped me acknowledge His constant presence in my life and give Him credit for all my blessing. When I write in my prayer journal at night, it’s mostly “I failed to do ________” and “____________ happened and I feel ________ about it; please help me feel _________,” and occasionally includes incidences like this, but I think I will start doing this type of acknowledgement in there daily, in order to attempt to give God the recognition in my life He is due, although I know He helps me in far more ways then my pride will let me see.


Thursday + Friday Song Pairing: You Love Never Fails – Jesus Culture [Spotify /// YouTube]
“You make all things work together for my good”


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