Style as Worship

Can you please imagine with me for a second? Scene: you are head decorator of the coolest temple to our Lord in all the land.

Now, if I were in charge of decorating a big, stone, columns-and-all, physical temple to the Lord, on special occasions I’d  go all out with the finest decorations and arrangements available. However, even on days that weren’t “special occasions” I’d still want the house of the Lord to be decorated with thought and care as a tribute to my God. I would put effort into this task because the outer shell of the temple may be all those who don’t know Christ see, and I would want them to know how much care, respect, and love I have for His dwelling place. Also, our God deserves more than the same old crepe paper & balloons! I’d try to use the creativity He has given me to add some new flavors and show others that His people are set apart. If I don’t put effort into showing respect in this way and making my presentation original, why would anyone want to open the chapel doors and look in further?

End scene, good job everyone! On to the purpose of this excercise:

“Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God?” [1 Corinthians 6:19a, ESV]

Okay, with this little piece of information, replace the “big, stone, columns-and-all, physical temple” you pictured with your body. Yep! We are all the head decorator of our own personal little temples, and that’s a job that should not be taken lightly. I don’t mean that you need to be wearing a pantsuit all-day, every day, but it does mean *gasp*  we should maybe definitely stop wearing leggings to the grocery store. It means that I should actually brush my hair in order to show a little more respect to the property I’ve been given stewardship over. It means that maybe I should do my laundry more often than the scandalous little I do do it. It means that wherever we go as Christians, the way we portray ourselves is the way we are portraying the name of God, and we don’t want to do that lazily & sloppily.


In regards to the ditching the same old-same old crepe paper and balloons, I believe everyone should develop their own, unique style, making their tribute a personal one. God has given us all rich & different personalities inside, so why should we all look the same outwardly? By wearing what you like instead of what may be trendy, you are telling God that you value who He designed you to be more than the world’s flimsy opinions. Following trends isn’t terrible, but if you hate jean jackets, don’t hop on that band wagon just because the “cool kids” might be on it!

This is not a free ticket to vanity card, it is a change in perspective. Instead of dressing ourselves to gain others approval, dress to seek God’s.

If you’ve accepted Christ, His spirit lives inside of you! It’s time to start making sure our temples are worthy to house such a guest by dressing with respect & love for God in mind. Personal style is a way of appreciating who God made us to be, and that, my friends, is a form of worship.

Thank you for reading! Please comment any thoughts you have below!


Song Pairing: I Am a Temple by John Mark McMillan [ Spotify // Youtube ]




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