Goals : February

I’m currently struggling with feeling unproductive with my spare time. As a Christian we are called to be good stewards of everything we have, time included. In order to remedy this, I’ve decided to start officially making goals. I’m not a New Year’s Resolution kid because I’m perfectly aware that a year is way too long for me to stick with certain habits, and a person changes a lot during a year. I’m not sure one resolution would stay relevant in my life for that long or promote the growth that several short-term goals will produce. So, I’m introducing written-out monthly goals in an attempt to hold myself accountable to bettering myself! I’m hoping that forming these habits rigidly for a month will give me new motivation and wisdom to continue them , even a little less formally, when the month is over.


Alrighty, let’s start then shall we?

  1. Post two blog posts per week: This will force me to channel my free time into a venue that is just as productive as relaxing. Blogging/ writing helps me structure my thoughts and forces me to assess where I’m at mentally & spiritually, which is a very healthy thing that might get overlooked while I’m pinning Irish landmarks of Pinterest.  I’m also a top-notch Pinner, but my writing could use some work, and practice make progress.
  2. Read my Bible everyday, no exceptions:  I’m slowly but surely making my way through the Bible in One Year plan with the YouVersion Bible app, but some days I slip and I don’t make the time. I want to fix this and be reading God’s word every day. A neat thing about the app is the immense amounts of reading plans, both short (3 days) and long (1 year), for whatever you might be going through or looking for. It also has an audio feature which is really nice for mornings when I’m struggling to stay awake. The audio keeps me significantly more engaged then simply reading. If I do just the audio I have to be sure I’m really tuned in; I occasionally have to go back because I’ve mentally drifted off. I’ve found the combo of reading + listening to be most effective.
  3. No More Snooze: This one will be rough. I love lounging around in an amassed collection of pillows surrounded by the warmth of blankets which eventually leads to drifting off back to delightful sleep. But that is a huge productivity killer. I wake up early enough that I can get a large portion of things accomplished before I’m at school at seven o’clock, but my passport to Pillowland is a death trap for those opportunities. So I’m through with it. I will set an upbeat song as an alarm to wake me up and get me alert before starting my morning routine on time. This should allow me time to read, write, or learn something new in the mornings! I think that’s a cause worthy enough to abandon Pillowland for.

There you have it folks, my grand plan for self-bettering for the month of February; wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it goes when next March rolls around!

Happy Sunday!


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