The Grove

In the fall [if nothing drastic changes] I will be attending Grove City College in Grove City, PA!


When I was looking at schools I was looking for a place that was

  • East Coast or Mid-West  [so I could be close to family]
  • Had both Elementary Education & Entrepreneurship
  • Was in a smaller town near a big city
  • Had a marching band
  • Was a Christian school
  • And all this  at a reasonable price.

That’s a pretty hefty list, but nothing of course is too big for God! In fact, His outpouring of blessing has left me attending a school 1.5 hrs from my darling cousins’ home, where they have  swing dancing & ballroom club, they have abroad programs no matter the major, the gal’s fresher dorms have winding princess stairs and wood paneled study “lobbies” with fireplaces, charming antique furniture, and a rare book room, and where every single person I met was a kind and sweet soul!   Oh, and the exteriors of the building are swoon-worthy red bricks and the profs are so accommodating with my prospective major + unrelated-minor situation. The more I learn about it the more ideal it is! The counselors make it very clear that they value God’s will for kids over the kid attending their school, unlike so many schools who are solely after the cha-ching. I love & admire that.

Speaking of cha-ching, tuition is $16,000. Mhm, all this perfection + Ivy League quality academics [they can’t be officially Ivy because of goverment funding they’ve cut] for $16,000. That’s still a big ‘ol chunch of money, but comparatively, it’s the winning thrift store bargain of colleges. And I haven’t yet mentioned the class dedicated solely to Jane Austen and the fact that they have a fully-functioning preschool in the middle of their academic classes hall for education students to work in. I think it sounds lovely to get to hear children’s laughter in between classes! Thea put it correctly when she called it a “match made in Heaven;” I’ve no doubts whatsoever that GCC is where the Lord would like me to go on the next leg of my [Liney-ar] journey, and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me there!


Harbison Chapel’s stained glass is the most vibrant I’ve ever seen- it’s even more brilliant in person!

There are 125 more reasons I’m proud to say I will be a Grover, but I know you don’t have all day to be reading this! However one more thing, I owe an ENORMOUS thank-you to Anna, Miranda, and Amanda for letting me stay in their dorm, follow them around for an evening, & bake a cake with them; you all made my first memories at GCC lovely ones!

Have a blessed day!

Liney-ar Journey IMG_2951-0

Song Pairing: Thank God for Something by Hawk Nelson [ Spotify // Youtube ]

I’m over the moon [and half way to Jupiter] with gratitude for the blessing of this place & the people here!


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